It’s been 7 months that Poornima was now living with eunuchs. She had learnt to live with them. The community had few rules and regulations to follow which she was still trying get adjusted to.

So far the best part was that after 12 long years a child had become a part of this family so everyone concentrate only on Poornima. She was always the center of attraction, which she had never received earlier and so loved it.

Kajal wanted to ensure that Poornima continues her school and not be deprived of education and hence, decided that she can study until she feels like. So they got her admission in another school wherein she was loved and appreciated. As everything was going smooth and happy, it didn’t take much time for Poornima to settle.

When there was birth of a child or wedding, Poornima used to go along with eunuchs so that she could enjoy good food and music.

Today the group got to know of 2 child birth celebration taking place in the nearby vicinity so decided to go there, dance and earn some money. The group decided to divide into too so that both the celebrations can be attended. Poornima too she joined the rest of her family when they went to dance in a celebration. She got ready like them – bright makeup, glamorous clothes and strong itra, all gracing her beautiful body. When she got ready, no one in the family could take off eyes from her. Same thing happened when she stepped out with her troupe. Everyone seemed to be mesmerised by the charm of the little eunuch.

When they were about to reach the house for celebration, they started singing and dancing mid-way. As soon as they entered the lane, Poornima realised that it was a lane she knew very well. It was the lane she had grown in. It was the lane she belonged to. And soon she realised that the house in which celebration was happening was her house and it was the house, she had come with her group to dance for!


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